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Kimberly Here.

Kimberly Here.

You can trust my multidisciplinary genius. Here are the receipts. 

Georgia born and Minnesota grown. I was (and still am) the kid in the class with skepticism written on her forehead. I question everything. This inability to settle for what the world chooses to give me has led me on an unbeaten path. My path led me first to community service and leadership which ended up earning me the Rose Rees Peace award for my commitment to local and global service in high school. It then led me to design. As a design student at Syracuse University, initially in school for Interior Design, I built an interest in graphic design and worked my way up the ladder working in marketing and communications within the nonprofit sector.  It only made sense to choose urban development as my industry of choice in order to continue working within community development. My go-getter attitude pushed me to pursue both careers in green design and graphic design simultaneously with much success so far. With a Bachelors in Environmental Design, concentration in Sustainability and now over six years of Communications Design experience under my belt, I've worked for homebuilders, real estate firms and urban development based nonprofits all around the country executing creative marketing, environmental design and problem solving strategies. With my background in green building and sustainability I've also worked for nonprofits like Habitat for Humanity and Southface Energy.

I'm currently working as a Senior Graphic Designer for City of Atlanta, Department of City Planning working on brand development, and urban design ideas to aid in the One Atlanta initiative.   


I'm a mentor for young creatives and advocate for positive social change. The ultimate goal is to educate and provide good design for all.

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