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How generational curses have impacted my life

Hey yall,

If you enjoy listening over reading check out the YouTube video here.

Let's talk about it.

A generational curse is a habit or behavior that has been passed from one generation to the next. The ones that have directly impacted my life are drug + alcohol abuse, poverty, physical + emotional abuse, and lack of community/familial foundation.

Drug and alcohol abuse is strong in my family. It feels like it has been made a right of passage. Though using both as a recreational activity is popular, when it's done so often it starts to negatively impact a persons life or the relationships they have with others, that's when its considered addiction and abuse. Both were the reason I was raised by just my father. It doesn't remove him from the category though. He just gets points for knowing how to regulate and control unhealthy behaviors. lol

Keep in mind, I'm not trying to dog and "talk about" people. I'm trying to raise awareness for the people that don't see life this way. For the people that have this stuff happen in their lives and it's just as normal as eating. It's really not and it really does cause negative outcomes within families for generations. Dependency causes a whole slew of other issues. Poverty is one thing many people with addiction face.

I grew up pretty poor. We didn't stay poor, but when I was a kid we lived in projects and had government assistance. Though there are systems in place to "help" poor people, I wouldn't wish it upon anyone. Loosing access to what the world ultimately has to offer keeps you stuck in bad habits. It doesn't allow for positive growth. It keeps your vibration low and your level of knowledge stagnant. It can also cause outlandish behavior like abuse towards others.

Physical and emotional abuse is rampant not only in homes, but across the world politically. It is engrained into the culture of our world. In my Youtube video I talk about how whoopins' (spankings) have been normalized to punish children for centuries and I'm just now seeing Black people try to break this evil curse. I give an example of a time I received a whooping when I didn't deserve one and how it caused a ripple of anxiety and people pleasing for me literally to this day.

The last curse for me is lack of community/family structure. At this point in life I don't feel like I have any family. My dad was a foster kid growing up. Though he did have family it wasn't strong enough or solid enough to make me feel secure within it.

I have broken so many curses, but have also accidentally carried some with me. I'm a strong person, but not invincible. One I didn't talk about in the video was health. I've battled with my weight all my life vowing to not become as "big" as others I see in my family. Well as I type this i'm no where near my ideal weight and it hurts. I'm also a single mom, a curse I vowed to also break, but because I lack community I sought out the wrong type of support during a very vulnerable time.

I plan to do everything in my power to show my daughter how to build a healthy community for herself and a healthy lifestyle so that her body image isn't even something she thinks about stressing over. I hope to instill everything I've learned educationally, entrepreneurially, spiritually and more. Though I've continued some curses, I've broken so many and I still have time to break even more.

The curses I've broken are these: no more drug/alcohol dependency, I'm emotionally available for my child, I went to college, but it's about the education and knowledge that I have and can give to her to do even better than me (ease, passion and growth is the goal, not working to live). I own my home and am working on ways to make life even easier for myself and her in the future. Even if my big picture goal doesn't happen in my lifetime I know it'll at least be written and memorized for reference in her lifetime or beyond. Or even in other families with similar struggles/ideals.

One thing my dad said before he passed was that he was sad he wasn't able to leave a legacy. We have to remember that legacy comes in many different shapes and sizes. In my eyes him leaving me knowledge about real estate and business, giving me the space and encouragement to fearlessly and confidently be myself was just enough to help me continue on in my own journey.

To conclude, be aware of the cycles going on in your family and in your life. Think about how things can be different and make the change for the better.

Thanks for reading.

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