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How I'm dealing with life changes

In the last 10 years my life has changed at least 173 times every year. Lol

I’m exaggerating, but it’s kind of true.

From 2010 - 2020 I literally moved at least once every year. I moved 2-3 times some of those years.

I’ve grown accustomed to change. It has become as normal as rain on a Wednesday afternoon.

I know a lot of people can’t say the same. I know a lot of people struggle with change.

I’m here to share how I’ve gotten through the hardest changes I’ve had to make in my life and maybe I can help change be just a leeeetle bit easier for others, because a lot of the time change is good, and we just have to buckle up and endure whatever the ride brings.

As an adult I know the most common life changes are usually, living quarters, jobs, and relationships. I’ve been through all of them. Most of us have. I’m currently in the middle of deciding what needs to change in order for me to increase my money flow so that I won’t be breaking my neck to get by in the next coming years.

My thought process is to downgrade for now so I can responsibly upgrade in the future.

I’ve already decided to work for myself full time. Here’s the blog post and video (coming soon) explaining why. I’ve temporarily downgraded financially for my own peace of mind. This creates a domino effect. How will I afford to live? Well, I change the way I’m living! This isn’t fully thought out yet, but I have some options in play right now that I'm weighing in terms of my home, car and location.

The first thing I’d say in regards to embracing change is taking a deep breath and taking a moment to organize my thoughts. Change begins with the mind. Brain fog and overwhelm only makes the process harder. Map out where the change is going to happen, how it’s going to happen and what needs to be done to prepare. Be sure to loop people in if they’re affected or are needed to support you in the change.

I'm weighing the pros and cons of the change and figuring out how to flip the cons or live with them.

Make a decision The hardest part for some people is simply deciding what to do, which leaves a lot of people choosing to stay stagnant out of unrealistic fear for whatever the change may bring. I say get out of your own way and decide to make the change and what that change is going to be.

Making sure I act on my choice The decision ain’t nothing if you don’t put any action behind it! Even if it’s just one small step at a time. Whether it be saving $5 a day, eating 1 healthier meal a day, or even going at it cold turkey, taking action holds me accountable. It’s not as painful as you think. Change can take time to fully develop so I'm also remembering to be kind and patient with myself in the midst of potential struggle.

That’s all I have for now.

Stay tuned to this blog and my youtube to see how I deal with my specific life changes.

Remember, you always have options in life. It’s up to you to utilize them!

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